A solar thermal collector is a solar collector specifically intended to to absorb sunlight and collect heat.
Final DiGeSPo conference at the SHC2013 in Freiburg, Germany 
DIGESPO held its final conference event after 4 years of research to promote its project results at the International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC 2013) held in Freiburg, Germany between the 23rd to the 25th September 2013. SHC 2013 is the second conference in a series of international conferences on solar heating and cooling for buildings and industry, and welcomed some 400 participants from 36 countries around the world. 
At SHC 2013, DIGESPO showcased the various CSP advances developed by the project, and presented the following papers during the main conference explaining the advances and contributions made to the CSP domain: 
  • Distributed m-CHP Generation from small-scale Concentrated Solar Power; L. Crema, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (paper, slides and video)
  • New Cermet Coatings for Mid-Temperature Applications for Solar Concentrated Combined Heat and Power Systems; E. Walkegard, Uppsala University (pdf)
Two posters were also accepted for the conference:: 
Besides the above plenary presentations, DIGESPO also held a dedicated workshop as a side-event during the conference on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 16:15 to present the research results in further detail. 
Side-event agenda 
1. DiGeSPo project, the concept, the evolution and results - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (pdf and video) 
2. Development of the optical System - ELMA (pdf and video
3. Development of a new medium temperature, low cost absorber, high performance absorber - Uppsala University (pdf and video) 
4. Engineering of the receivers - Narva Lichtquellen (pdf and video) 
5. New perspectives and integration issues of innovative SLM heat exchanges in thermodynamic cycles - Sustainable Engine Systems (pdf and video
6. Validation of innovative energy materials: SLM - Politecnico di Milano (pdf and video
7. Validation of innovative energy materials: working fluids - Politecnico di Milano (pdf and video
8. The prime mover, High Energy Density Stirling - Fondazione Bruno Kessler (pdf and video
9. Demonstration of the project, bringing research to life - Projects in Motion (pdf
A new set of information leaflets and brochures where prepared specifically for this event. For a copy please click here (.rar) 
New Stirling Engine  
The new DiGeSPo High Energy Density stirling engine designed by FBK and the DiGeSPo project partners in Q4 of 2012 has now been manufactured for a first trial at the ArrowPharma premises in Malta.